Get to know a little bit about our history, vision and objectives

Our vision

Damad Yachts was born from a joint vision from our three founders with the vocation of providing quality and transparency to the yacht rental sector.

Their experiences as brokers, in charge of yachts and superyachts and in other business areas allow them to have an excellent vision from all angles related to the business.

Our objective

We aim to revolutionize the charter sector. That is why we comply with the highest quality standards in the condition of our yachts thanks to a continuous, exhaustive and professional maintenance in the winter months. We hire the best crews and we seek excellence in taking care of our clients.

On board

We are aware of the responsibility of our clients leaving their holidays in our hands. Once onboard, our experienced and professional crew, care and pamper our clients down to the very last detail so that the onboard experience is exceptional and unmatched.


Damad Yachts is already a benchmark in the yacht rental sector. Our yachts are the envy of the yachting rental sector and our existing customers will recommend the experience.